World Class Poetry Promotional Chapbook Submission Guidelines

If you have a poetry book published and would like to expand the opportunities available to sell more copies, World Class Poetry offers you the chance to publish a small selection of poems from your book in a digital chapbook format and distribute it to our 15,000+ monthly visitors. We will promote your chapbook through our ever-growing website, our blog, and our newsletter/e-zine, Hyperbole.

This is a great opportunity for poets to expand their marketing power by leveraging our readership. It costs you nothing. We charge nothing for the service and take no commissions from you for selling your book. Below are the guidelines for submitting your full-length poetry book as a part of our Promotional Chapbook Series.

World Class Poetry Promotional Chapbook Submission Guidelines:
  1. Send a copy of your poetry book (can be self published or published through a traditional publishing house) to us for review.
  2. All poems must be your own original poetry and you must own all publishing and distribution rights to your poems.
  3. Your book must be available for sale through
  4. World Class Poetry reserves the right to choose the poems that will be published in your chapbook, though you may make recommendations.
  5. World Class Poetry reserves the right to drop distribution of your chapbook at any time.
  6. Poets will receive a digital copy of their chapbook and may distribute it through any means at their disposal as long as they agree not to alter the chapbook in any way.
  7. All editorial decisions regarding the chapbook belong to World Class Poetry.
  8. Poets agree to have their chapbook distributed freely through digital delivery systems at the sole discretion of World Class Poetry.
  9. Poets agree that their book may be reviewed in addition to publication and distribution of the digital chapbook.
  10. Poets retain all rights to their poems.
  11. Start by contacting us through the form below.
The purpose of the World Class Poetry Promotional Chapbook series is to present poetic works to a broader audience by providing a sampling of poems from a full-length published book of poems.

If poets prefer to have their publishers submit books to be offered through the promotional chapbook series, have your publisher contact us through the form below. We will contact you, or your publisher, to arrange for delivery of your book for consideration. All chapbooks will be distributed first through the World Class Poetry Toolbar then made more widely available through direct download.

The first chapbook in the World Class Poetry Promotional Chapbook series is HardSoftwood by Gary B. Fitzgerald. Download a copy today.

I apologize! Chapbook submissions are currently suspended. Please check back soon. I will resume this service shortly.

Thank you for understanding.

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