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Poetry chapbooks are small, inexpensive books of poems that are easy to publish and easy to read. Traditionally, they are self-published works, but they need not be. In the last century, many publishers have given poets opportunities to publish their works in chapbooks under the publisher's imprint. Not all poets, after all, want to be self publishers.

World Class Poetry is proud to present its own chapbook services. Currently, we have two digital chapbook series' available for immediate download. All chapbooks are free. The current chapbook series are: Look for the following digital poetry chapbook series' soon:

Millennial Poetry Chapbook Series - There should be no bias in poetry. Preferences sure. And we have ours. But the Millennial Poetry Chapbook Series will publish poets in chapbook form from a variety of styles and poetic schools. Quality is our only mantra. Look for submission guidelines soon.

Poetix Chapbook Series - This series won't exactly consist of poetry chapbooks. Rather, we hope to explore various schools of thought regarding poetics and Poetix Chapbook Series will give us - and you - that opportunity. Think of these as white papers for poets.
If you're a poet who prefers to self-publish your own poetry chapbooks rather than offer them through another publisher, don't worry, we'll have services for you too. But I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Look for announcements right here.

If you want more information on any of our poetry chapbook series' then fill out the following form and as we roll out the chapbook series' and start taking submissions we'll let you know. Be the first in the know! Sign up for the World Class Poetry Chapbook Update List.

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