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World Class Poetry
Hall of Fame

The World Class Poetry Hall of Fame is the winner's circle for poets who have channeled the world's intellectual and emotional energy into beautiful words to live by. While terms such as Dead Poets Society are cliche and overused, you could call ours something of a famous poets society since not all of these poets are dead yet.

While we could just send you to an already existing poetry hall of fame, we decided to create our own. Quite frankly, we think those other guys are poetically groovy, but we wanted to put a different flavor in the milk of poetic love. So here's our glass of poetic Vitamin D.

To get into this world class society for dead - and somewhat living - poets, a nominee must have made some contribution to the body of worldwide poetry. Any poet that is dead and published beyond the likes of such credits as the International Library of Poetry gets an automatic entry, but the criteria is a bit more harsh for living poets.

Poets laureate of any nation, living or dead, are automatic hall of famers. From there it gets a bit sticky.

Simply having a few poems published in contemporary journals doesn't cut it. Nor is it quite enough to have a book or two on the library shelf. However, any living poet that has made some substantial contributions to the body of living poetry available may be nominated for the World Class Hall of Fame. Induction is at the sole discretion of the World Class Poetry publisher and webmaster.

Below is a list of current members of the World Class Poetry Hall of Fame. Once a member has been inducted it is totally irreversible. Mortal sins, gambling on poetry, crimes against humanity, religious hypocrisy, low IQ, nor any other blasphemy against the name of poetry will ever - NEVER - disqualify a World Class Poetry Hall of Famer from his or her position in the most distinguished group of poets ever.

And without further ado, here's the list (but we're just getting started):

Dante Alighieri Tim Burton Cecil Day Lewis
Maya Angelou Stephen Crane Pablo Neruda
Amiri Baraka Ralph Waldo Emerson Edgar Allan Poe
Gwendolyn Brooks Robert Frost Alexander Pope
Robert Browning Robert Hayden Ezra Pound
Robert Burns Langston Hughes Dr. Seuss
Sir Thomas Wyatt

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World Class Poetry 
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