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Top 10 Ways To Get
Your Poetry Promoted

By Tracy Repchuk

As the president and founder of Canadian Federation of Poets and President and Founder of Poetry Canada magazine, I get asked this question over and over - "How do I get my poetry published?"

Well sometimes getting your work published means making a name for yourself first, or at the very least, letting others know what you do.

Here are the top 10 ways I used that you can easily do too. Whether you have a poem, or a book, let others know.

1. Post it at the office

If you have a bulletin board at the office, post an actual poem or a flyer about your book with all the other notices. Make someone's day with it. Or send it to the office newsletter. Get it read!

2. Make your own cards or calendar

People pay $5 for a store bought Hallmark. Cash in on some of that action, add your own poem or quote from your book, and make your own. Add a photo, or other royalty free images. At the very least you can save money.

3. Create a chapbook

Most people have enough poetry to fill a book. Don't wait to be published, do it yourself. Print it, staple it, add pictures, and give out as gifts, brochures, or sell them. There are many low cost print on demand options out there.

4. Send it to your local paper

Papers often need filler, and poetry should be it. If we all send often, they'll start to realize there's a demand, and use it. If you have a book, send a chapter and offer to put some of your story in week by week.

5. Submit to magazines

You won't know if you don't try! There are hundreds of magazines out there, and new ones opening up every month.

6. Attend an open mic

Attend an event and read at least once a month. Keeping your poetry to yourself won't get it out there. If there isn't any, create the opportunity, select a coffee shop or bar, and watch the closet poets come out.

7. Snail mail a poem

Remember the old days when you used to send a letter to a lover, spouse, friend or child. Choose someone each month, and send them a poem. Enrich them with your words.

8. Crash a Karaoke Night

If you have performance poetry, or a poem that could be sung, take it to the big league. These places are usually well attended, and they would be grateful of the 'variety'.

9. Enter a contest

There are many contests that don't charge a fee, and reward you in some way. Find these, and enter them. Just think of the thrill if you won, and it doesn't cost you anything!

10. Help poetry to help you

When you help, that comes back to you. Volunteer for an event, host a poetry party, give a free workshop, promote poetry, and this will promote you in return.

And remember to blog, go to social media sites and share your work or add to a conversation, and build a following so that when you're ready to launch your book, you'll become a best seller too!

Tracy Repchuk is the #1 best selling author of "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" and is the president and founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets, president and founder of Poetry Canada magazine and is the 2007 Winner of New Internet Marketing Success of the Year from the World Internet Mega Summit. Visit:

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