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Poetry Book Review Policy And Guidelines

Please review the following World Class Poetry book review guidelines before sending your poetry book.
  1. Neither World Class Poetry nor Allen Taylor promises to review your book in a positive manner. I promise to read your book and provide an honest review.
  2. I reserve the right to not print a review of your book if I find that there is nothing of value to say about it that will benefit my site visitors.
  3. All books remain the property of World Class Poetry and Allen Taylor after I read them and publish your review.
  4. I will gladly review independently published poetry books, but all books reviewed must be offered for sale through in addition to any other distribution outlets you offer.
  5. All reviews are the property of World Class Poetry and Allen Taylor. If you wish to use a paragraph or snippet of your review for a blurb on your next book then be my guest, as long as you attribute the blurb to Allen Taylor of
  6. You give World Class Poetry permission to publish your book review on our own Web properties and elsewhere on the Net or in print.
  7. My goal in publishing poetry book reviews is to provide readers with an expectation in potential reading; more than just telling readers to read or not read a book, I'd prefer to give readers a glimpse into what a particular work is all about and let them decide for themselves if a book is worth their patronage.
  8. You give World Class Poetry and Allen Taylor permission to reprint up to one full poem in your book review, which will also be published in every format in which the review may appear.
  9. You promise not to hold World Class Poetry or Allen Taylor responsible for the responses of readers to your review or your book.
  10. No, I will not notify you when we receive your book or when we publish your review. The postal service works and so do I. You'll have to keep checking the site.
  11. Also, please allow up to six months for me to read and review your book. If you do not see your book review within six months then you can inquire about the review. Thanks.
By submitting your poetry book for review at World Class Poetry, you agree to these terms, which may be altered by World Class Poetry or Allen Taylor at any time without notice.

Get Your Book Reviewed

I apologize! We have suspended our book reviews temporarily. Please check back at a later date. We will resume this service soon.

Thank you for understanding.

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