Introducing “The Dumbest Of The 20 Worst”

I had to laugh. The comment was simply funny.

Literary agent Barbara Bauer is suing Wikipedia. Evidently, she thinks the online quasi-encyclopedia is guilty of libel because one of its editors called her the “dumbest of the 20 worst (literary) agents”. In actuality, it wasn’t Wikipedia at all that first let the cat out of the bag.

It was Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware, who published her list of 20 worst agents on her website. The date at the top of the page says it was updated in January 2008, but Strauss posted her list on Absolute Write’s forum in 2006. This post on Making Light actually details some of the saga, which includes a mention of the now defunct Miss Snark Blog, and is dated April 2006. You’ll notice that Making Light mentions a cease and desist letter put forward by BB. I’m always delighted by such letters. As an aside, my favorite C&D letter of all came from my battalion commander while I was in Iraq telling me to instruct my wife to cease & desist from making comments that she never actually made. We had an interesting conversation the next day after I let him know that I was well aware of the fact that he is a walking, talking dumb ass. He was pleased to know we were on the same wavelength, a superb feat for him. :-)

Diversions aside, I’ve never met Ms. Bauer, but she doesn’t seem to be any smarter than my former neo-con ball-sucking slave driver BC whose first name rhymes with swill. Angela Hoy of WritersWeekly fame has a humorous anecdote about her on the WW forum. Again, that was in 2006.

I’m not one to go around calling people dumb (well, actually I am, but I usually know them personally), but Barbara Bauer can’t be too smart because if you Google her name, all you see is this negative reputation stuff from 2006, most of which could have been avoided if she had simply ignored the remarks made about her from others and started a blog of her own to engage in some positive reputation management. I guess it never occurred to her that the best defense against the negative words of others is to live the opposite of what they say you are. Novel concept, no?

Anyways, I just wrote this blog post to say that I don’t know whether Barbara Bauer is one of the 20 worst agents or not, but the comment that she is the “the dumbest of the 20 worst” is frickin’ hilarious! That’s one of the best insults I’ve ever read online.

Caveat: Hey, I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. ;-)

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