Free Kindle Poetry E-books In June

Just a note to say I’m wrapping up my membership in Amazon’s Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL) by giving away free copies of e-books on certain days throughout June. Here are the books I’m giving away free and which days they’re available at that price.

  • Twitter Poems – Today! Get it right now (until midnight PDT); also, June 14th, Flag Day.
  • Going Dutch – Sunday, June 3. Two days from now. Also, Father’s Day, June 17th and June 21st.

I joined the KOLL as an experiment to see how it would play out. I had to agree not to sell my books anywhere else for 90 days. On June 22 that 90 days will be up. I want to sell my books elsewhere so I will not be re-enrolling in KOLL. Look for these books in other formats soon.

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Glass Full Of Questions Poetry Video

Here’s a poetry video from Christian Watson. Not bad, but I’d like to see a little bit more creativity put into the video production. What are your thoughts? P.S. See if you find the typo. It’s somewhere between the 1:00 and 2:00 minute mark.

Free Poetry Books For All

I appreciate all my subscribers sticking with me as I close out some old business. All of this self-promotion has got me feeling cheap, but I hope you’re not feeling used. Today is my birthday, so I thought I’d give away all my poetry chapbooks (the digital versions at least) for free. If you own…

Published: Twitpoems

Here’s a quick announcement. I just published Twitpoems, a collection of Twitter poems of 140 characters or less, at both Amazon and Smashwords. Available for the Kindle, the Nook, Apple’s iPad, Kobo, and other e-readers. In 2009 I conducted an experiment whereby I published one poem a day for about 6 months. Twitpoems represents one…

10 Reasons Why You Should Publish On The Kindle

E-books have gone mainstream and it didn’t really take long for it to happen. I’m amazed at the number of poets who don’t mind spending $200-$500 to have a book published in print that will only sell 50 copies, if that, and then not even consider publishing in an e-book format. They may get their…

Free Poetry For Your Kindle – Today Only

Today only, you can get Twitter Poems for the Kindle for free. Act before midnight PSD. Twitter Poems is the genesis of the #twitpoem project, which I started in April 2009. These 30 poems were published one day at a time on Twitter during the month of April 2009. All are 140 characters or less….

Poetry Books For $1

If you like poetry books – and who doesn’t? – then you’ll love a new website that I’ve built called $1 Dollar Books. As you can guess, it’s a site devoted entirely to selling books for $1 each, plus shipping & handling. That includes poetry books and books in other genres. I have upwards of…

Dinkle Dorkle And Other Nut Cases

In 2009 I undertook an experiment publishing Twitter poems. I called them Twitpoems and created the #twitpoem hashtag for that purpose. The concept was real simple. Poems consisted of 140 characters or less. At the end of each virtual line I add a / to designated to readers that there would be a line break…

Back In The Saddle

It’s been a little over two years since my last blog post. A lot has happened since then. The Kindle has become a preferred reading device for millions of people, Smashwords has become the leading distributor of independent e-books online, Barnes & Noble has introduced a competitive device to Amazon’s Kindle called Nook, Apple has…

I Finally Published Poetry Book ‘Rumsfeld’s Sandbox’

I’ve been relatively quiet on this blog for the past six months. I won’t issue any apologies. Some of my most vocal critics may be jumping for joy. The reason I haven’t posted much in recent months is that I’ve been quite busy working on two projects, one of which is the publication of Rumsfeld’s…

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