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World Class Acknowledgements

World Class Poetry issues thanks and acknowledgements to the following:

Billy the Blogging Poet for his endless support, knowledge and helpful advice, and to the students at Delone Catholic High School who helped research and write some of the pages on the World Class Poetry web site. Students in Dana Sauers' literature classes received extra credit for their work on this web site. Sauers is a former poet laureate of Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Students who worked on World Class Poetry include:

  • Kati Tompkins
  • Elsa Schmeyer
  • Matthew C. Staub
  • Sarah Hyser
  • Annie Rupp
  • David Riggs
  • Steven Kirsch
  • Merdith Cox
  • S.A. Elkins
  • Marian Barber
  • Kelsey Shrader
  • Fred Gouker
  • Daniel Leeper
  • Katie Strevig
  • Tyler Mentzer
  • Christopher Sneeringer
  • Daniel Summers
  • Veronica Eltz
  • Courtney Smith
  • Sara Brown
The webmaster of World Class Poetry acknowledges that this mention of these students is not nearly enough thanks or gratitude for the hard work they put into helping build this web site. We hope they have developed a lifelong love of poetry.

the poet

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