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by Allen Taylor

Music was written in July 2005 while stationed in Iraq. It was accepted for publication and subsequently appeared in the pages of Small Brushes, a small press publication published by Adept Press, in Spring 2006.

    When Satchmo played In the early days Of a time that’s lost its youth The rhythm of Our God above Shone bright as a golden tooth The harpsichords And ivory boards In heart’s harmony did play With the six-stringed lass The brazen brass And a chorus from Calais ‘Tis sweet the Muse Who lights the fuse Of a melody made from tears And on that note I’d like to quote A man wise beyond his years “Most folks go Where nothing grows With the music still inside They never change Or extend the range And their song in silence hide” When Elvis played In halcyon days When refrains had lost their jazz We did the twist Held stiff our wrists And danced like a razzmatazz

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