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Twitter Haiku and Other Small Gems
July 11, 2009
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

Do you like quickies? I hope so because this little notice is a very quick down and dirty. I just want to tell you about the latest offering at World Class Poetry: Twitter Haiku and Other Small Gems by Gene Myers.

You may not know Gene, but he's amazing. I think you'll love his new digital chapbook, composed entirely of poems 140 characters and less. They were first published on microblogging service Twitter. Now they are available by chapbook.

Currently, there is only one way to get Twitter Haiku and Other Small Gems. You have to download it through the World Class Poetry Toolbar. If you haven't downloaded this nifty little toolbar then I'd encourage you to do it now. It's free, safe and secure, no malicious code or software add-ons, and no tracking - no cookies, no come ons, no cheap marketing ploys. I'll never know which sites you visit or which features you are using. It's perfectly safe and affords you the maximum privacy.

So go ahead and download the toolbar today and enjoy Gene's new chapbook, a few other chapbooks, over 30 blogs, and several online poetry journals and Internet radio. It truly is a gem.

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