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Reviews and Publication Credits: Diane Lockward and decomP Magazine
December 05, 2008
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

This week I've added two new poetry reviews, including one of Diane Lockward's What Feeds Us. I've also recently been published in decomP Magazine, a poem titled "The Armor Dims". Feel free to send your own publication credits. I'll be happy to list them.

Table of Contents

  1. New Poetry Book Reviews
  2. "The Armor Dims" (decomP Magazine)
  3. New World Class Poetry Blog Posts
  4. Poetry Book of the Week
  5. Hyperbole Call For Submissions
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  7. World Class Poetry Networking

New Poetry Book Reviews

I managed to finish two new poetry book reviews this week. One of Diane Lockward's What Feeds Us and one of the self-published title Blue Mist White Rain by Sha Raaven.

First, What Feeds Us:

    Few members of the fairer sex can deliver verse as brassy and sassy as Diane Lockward and still maintain that cross-kneed ladylike quality of grace. In What Feeds Us, Lockward once again proves that craft is keen. And so is she.

Read the rest of the review

And now, introducing Blue Mist White Rain:

    For a self-published book of poetry, Blue Mist White Rain by Sha Raaven is well packaged and high quality. The cover art gives a very good impression of the content on the inside and at the top is a favorable endorsement by published British author Anthony Lund. It's got to be good then, right?

Read the rest of the review

"The Armor Dims" (decomP Magazine)

I wrote "The Armor Dims" in 2006 after returning from Iraq. It was recently published online in decomP Magazine. I think I'm in good company there.

New World Class Poetry Blog Posts

Poetry Book of the Week

This week's Poetry Book of the Week is as well deserved as any in a long time. If you read the above review then you'll know this is a book that I think pretty highly of. I don't know that I'd say it's perfect, but it's well crafted poetry of the highest order and we don't see that too often any more.

Most of the books that I review for World Class Poetry are self-published books by authors trying to prove themselves. Diane Lockward, however, has nothing to prove because she's already done it. Her first book, Eve's Red Dress, was incredible. This week's Poetry Book of the Week is as just a smidgen less incredible. You've got to read What Feeds Us by Diane Lockward. Your taste buds will simmer.

Hyperbole Call For Submissions

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