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Iraq War poems, Rumsfeld's Sandbox, Are Published
March 22, 2010
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

Happy New Year!

You haven't heard from me in a while, but I have big news. After five years of grueling hard work on Rumsfeld's Sandbox, it has finally been published - in a blog format.

You can read all about why I chose to publish my book of poems from the Iraq War in a blog format at the World Class Poetry Blog. Or, you can just head on over to and sign up to read my poems online.

I am excited about this publication, which was officially published on March 19, 2010, the seventh anniversary of the bombing of the presidential palace in Iraq. I hope you'll sign up to read these poems and comment on them while interacting with other readers. In addition to poetry I have been writing for the past five years, you'll get

  • Audio readings of the poems
  • Video readings of the poems
  • Free PDF poetry downloads
  • Essays on Just War

And more.

The audio and video readings are also available for free download. You will absolutely love Rumsfeld's Sandbox and I hope you'll subscribe today.

Meanwhile, enjoy these three PDF broadsides for free:

And then subscribe to Rumsfeld's Sandbox at

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