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March 05, 2009
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

Got some great updates this month. New poetry videos and I've added some publications to the publications page, with more on the way. I think you'll find our new video section much more interesting now that each video has its own dedicated page. And I hope you keep coming back for more videos too!

But for now ...

Here's the March 2009 issue of Hyperbole:

Table of Contents

  1. Poetry Videos
  2. Poetry Publications
  3. New Poetry Book Reviews
  4. New World Class Poetry Blog Posts
  5. Poetry Book Of The Month
  6. Are You Subscribed?
  7. World Class Poetry Networking

New Poetry Videos

What do Janet Kuypers, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Shepherd, and T.S. Eliot have in common? They all have poetry videos at World Class Poetry. Let's start with one of my personal faves ...

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe was one eerie and mysterious dude. For a 19th century chap, he sure knew how to make a video (he heh).

Alright, I'm being stupid. E.A.P. didn't actually make the videos. But if the poems weren't worth a little ounce of gold then no one else would make them either. World Class Poetry has four Edgar Allan Poe videos for your enjoyment:

  • Annabel Lee
  • Tales of Mystery and Imagination
  • The Raven
  • Ulalume

Go ahead, watch Edgar Allan Poe videos now.

Mark Shepherd
Mark Shepherd's a new voice. At least, he's new to me. He lives in the UK and writes childrens stories. I've only got one video of Mark Shepherd's poetry at World Class Poetry, but I will likely add more later. For now, enjoy

Janet Kuypers
You were introduced to Janet Kuypers last month. This month I've added a new video by Janet titled "Too Far".

Watch Too Far right now. Then catch more Janet Kuypers videos (in case you missed them).

T.S. Eliot
I've always been a big fan of T.S. Eliot despite his obvious difficulties. Naturally, you'd expect me to have "The Waste Land" and "The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock", right? Well, I do. Unfortunately, those are the only Eliot videos you can find at World Class Poetry right now. But "The Waste Land" is actually Thomas Stearns reading in his own voice. You'll love these videos.

New Poetry Publications

I'm slowly adding to my database of poetry publications and this month I've got two new publications to share with you with more on the way. Please take the time to visit the websites of these poetry publishers and see if they are a good fit for your poems:

  • The Shout
  • nibble

Learn more about them and other publications at the World Class Poetry Publications Page.

New Poetry Reviews

The world just wouldn't be the same without reviewers (or good reviews) and good publications. Poetry journals are the heart and blood of the poetry world. Without them, poets would have no platform. That's why I'm excited about reviewing an anthology from one of the most respected poetry journals in the world, Tin House Magazine.

Tin House Books has published its first anthology titled Satellite Convulsions: Poems From Tin House. The review follows.

Satellite Convulsions: Poems From Tin House

    What can be said of a compilation from years of a single publication? The poetry has all been seen before and the journal - in this case, one of the most recognized contemporary journals to emerge from the postmodern milieu - showcases work that is self-selected and purported to be among its best. How does one judge the merit of the "work"?

Read the entire review here

New World Class Poetry Blog Posts

While I don't write every day to the World Class Poetry Blog, I do write. And I get pretty good participation from my readers too. You can find out why my readership and subscriber base continues to grow by reading some of my latest posts, including one guest post:

Poetry Book Of The Month

Tin House Magazine has become an American poetry icon in just 10 years of publication. It's first anthology was published late last year and I recently had a chance to review it. The poetry is rich and diverse. That's why I don't mind recommending Satellite Convulsions: Poems From Tin House as March 2009s poetry book of the month.

Get your copy of it now

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