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The Poetry Video Smorgasbord: Let's Have A Feast!
February 05, 2009
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

After very careful thought, I've decided to scale back on Hyperbole to a once a month schedule. The monthly publication schedule will allow me more time to add new pages to the website and to develop future plans while still providing a useful experience for you. After all, the newsletter supports the website, not vice-versa.

This month I've restructured one section of the website - videos - and added plenty of new content to keep you busy for hours. In addition to new poetry videos, there are also some other new and updated pages as well.

And now, the February 2009 issue of Hyperbole:

Table of Contents

  1. Poetry Videos
  2. New Poetry Book Reviews
  3. Poetry Publications
  4. New World Class Poetry Blog Posts
  5. Poetry Book Of The Month
  6. Are You Subscribed?
  7. World Class Poetry Networking

New Poetry Videos

I decided to restructure the poetry video pages at World Class Poetry because I really want this section to be visited often. One of the poets featured was so excited to be included that she is linking from her own website to each video page on which she is showcased. I consider it an honor to bring you these videos, those of famous poets and amateurs alike.

Among the poets featured on the poetry video pages so far are:

  • Billy Collins
  • Divinull
  • Janet Kuypers
  • Living Passion

Take some time to watch these videos. I think you'll agree there is quite a bit of diversity represented among these four contemporary poets. From the light humor of Billy Collins to the dark melancholy of Divinull and from the political explication of Janet Kuypers to the saucy love lines of Living Passion, you are sure to enjoy these poetic renditions in video.

Future videos will be just as entertaining. Currently planned for embedding include such poetic greats as Edgar Allan Poe and T.S. Eliot, the film master Tim Burton, Def Jam, and more contemporary poets. If you have poetry videos on YouTube that you'd like to share, please let me know. I'll give them ample consideration. I promise.

New Poetry Book Reviews

The World Class Poetry book reviews are some of the most popular pages on the website. You may know why. But just in case you haven't figured it out, I think it's because of reviews like this month's new review.

Diana Rabb is no stranger to verse. I had the good fortune and pleasure to read her latest work, "Dear Anais: My Life In Poems For You". I hope you enjoy this review as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Dear Anais: My Life In Poems For You

    Poetic tributes are risky. You always skirt the possibility of embarrassing either yourself or the person you are seeking to honor. Diana Raab, however, has managed to capture the spirit of Anais Nin in her own personal, poetic memoir. It isn't perfect, but what is?

Read the entire review here

New Poetry Publications

What would the world be like without publications? Who would publish us?

I think it's important to honor the publishers and that's why I started a section of World Class Poetry that does that. This month I've added a new publication, "bear creek haiku". Be sure to look for it on the World Class Poetry publications page.

New World Class Poetry Blog Posts

What have I been writing about on the poetry blog? Well, to be honest, not much. But I have written a little bit and if you care to know what I do when I'm not working on the poetry, you'll get more than a clue in What Iíve Been Spending My Time On Lately.

Two other blog posts you'll want to check out include:

Poetry Book Of The Month

With change comes more change. The Poetry Book Of The Week has been a popular addition to Hyperbole since I started it. Well, you won't get it as often but you'll still get the poetry book of the time - The Poetry Book Of The Month.

February's Poetry Book Of The Month is Diana M. Raab's "Dear Anais: My Life In Poems For You". I hope you enjoy the review and be sure to check out the book.

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World Class Poetry Networking

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