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World Class Poetry Book Reviews Have Opened Again
October 08, 2009
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

Wow! I can't believe it's October already. Time is flying this year!

You've been waiting a long time for this. World Class Poetry has started reviewing books again. Take a look at our review guidelines and if you have a book you want reviewed, let us know. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the book reviews and new content we have in store for you this month.

Table of Contents

  1. New Formalism - Just A Literary Footnote?
  2. American Life In Poetry -
  3. Poetry Book Reviews
  4. August Twitpoems
  5. Poetry Book Of The Month
  6. Classified Ads
  7. Are You Subscribed?
  8. World Class Poetry Networking

New Formalism - Just A Literary Footnote?

By Jack Peachum

New Formalism is sometimes called Neo-Formalism, an academic school of poetry that began in the middle half of the 20th Century calling for a return to rhyme and meter and more traditional forms of verse.

The term "New Formalism" was first used in an attack mode in the May 1985, AWP newsletter (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) in an article entitled "The Yuppie Poet". The article went so far as to accuse the poets who gathered under this banner of being political conservatives and yuppie materialists. They were charged with having a social as well as a linguistic mission – of harboring a nostalgic love for the moral certainty of the past and of expressing this desire through a return to older, more accepted and established means of poetic communication.

Finish reading about the New Formalists

American Life In Poetry:
Column 237


An aubade is a poem about separation at dawn, but as you’ll see, this one by Dore Kiesselbach, who lives in Minnesota, is about the complex relationship between a son and his mother.


“Take me with you”
my mother says
standing in her nightgown
as, home from college,
I prepare to leave
before dawn.
The desolation
she must face
was once my concern
but like a bobber
pulled beneath 
the surface
by an inedible fish
she vanished
into the life
he offered her.
It stopped occurring
to me she might return.
“I’ll be back” I say
and then I go.

American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (, publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright ©2008 by Dore Kiesselbach. Poem reprinted from Field, No. 79, Fall 2008, by permission of Dore Kiesselbach and the publisher. Introduction copyright © 2009 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction's author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Poetry Book Reviews

Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook For The Reluctant Reader

Reluctant poetry readers sometimes feel intimidated by poets and their work. Alice B. Fogel attempts to alleviate their frustrations with a book targeted just for them - Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for the Reluctant Reader.

I think the author – a widely published poet herself – does an outstanding job of bridging the divide between poet and non-poet. She is not wordy nor does she use textbook language, which would only serve to defeat the purpose. She is always accessible and cognizant of her audience's most basic fears. She does a great job of overcoming those. But that doesn't mean Strange Terrain doesn't have its weaknesses.

Read the rest of the review

Drawing Outside The Lines

Ann McGovern is no stranger to being published. She has more than 55 books for children published and one of her earliest, STONE SOUP, published in 1967, is still in print. She enjoys a worldwide audience with various translations to her name. But poetry is something new for McGovern after 45 years of writing and publishing.

So is she any good?

Find out right now


Paradise by Elise, a British poet and journal editor, is somewhat of an anomaly in contemporary verse. On the one hand, her romantic themes are as common in schoolgirl fantasy verse as prayer is in a nunnery. But on the other hand, it's rarely as good.

I find it difficult to say anything bad about Paradise. It's a well put together book. The cover is fascinating and heralds memories of classic literature while maintaining a professional air of originality.

Read the rest of the review

Read more great poetry reviews at World Class Poetry.

August Twitpoems

Yes, I'm just getting around to uploading August's Twitpoem chapbook. But you're going to love it. More serious than previous chapbooks, with a bit more romance and erotica. And the cover art is just grand, featuring the young and beautiful Leah Riley. Stunning!

You can read August Twitpoems and other great chapbooks when you download the World Class Poetry Toolbar for free.

Poetry Book Of The Month

This month's poetry book is more than just a book of poems. Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook For The Reluctant Reader is a book about appreciating poetry. Written for the reluctant poetry reader. This is a great book to introduce your family and friends to poetry to help them understand you and your craft better. Alice B. Fogel does a good job of making poetic concepts understandable for the lay reader. Awesome job!

Order Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook For The Reluctant Reader today. Makes a great gift!

Classified Ads

Write For Us

World Class Poetry is looking for writers. Help us grow. Learn more here.

My Forever

My Forever by Kevin Ross is now available for purchase. Go to WWW.NXDUO.COM for a short synopsis of the book and don't forget that Sounds Like My Beating Heart is still available for your enjoyment as well.

Joyful In Discovery

Announcing the launching of poetry website This website is devoted to a selection of poems written by published Jamaican poet RLC McFarlane who has been creating beautiful verse for over 50 years. We hope you enjoy them as much as he has enjoyed writing them.

The Poetry Of Courage

Today, we need courage to survive. The Poetry Of Courage is a collection of poems meant for anyone in search of the strength that lies inside.

What can you say in 50 words? It better be a lot because that's all you have to state your message in Hyperbole e-zine classified ads. Publish your announcement free. Get the details here.

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