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Hyperbole, Issue #013 (Feb. 7, 2008) - Ted Kooser Speaks (ALP Column)
February 07, 2008
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

Here we are again. I've got a great treat for you this week. Former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser has offered a column for this issue of Hyperbole. And we've got a lot of great updates and additions this week as well.

Speaking of additions, you'll notice that I've added Google AdSense ads on several pages. It's just a way to try to get a little income from my efforts. Every time someone clicks on an ad then I get a few pennies, but it doesn't cost them a cent, not that I'm trying encouraging anyone to do that. :-)

My first priority, of course, is to always deliver fresh, quality content for you. As soon as I get my current pages updated, I'll get back on track with adding new pages and more great information on poets, poetic schools, types of poetry, etc. But I do have some legitimate additions this week, including some new poetry terms.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this issue of Hyperbole and I hope you get something out of Ted Kooser's great column.

Table of Contents

  1. American Life in Poetry NEW!
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. World Class Poetry Updates
  4. New World Class Poetry Blog Posts
  5. World Class Poetry Networking
  6. Call For Submissions!

American Life in Poetry: Column 149


Elsewhere in this newspaper you may find some advice for maintaining and repairing troubled relationships. Here, in a poem by Linda Pastan of Maryland, is one of those relationships in need of some help.

The Quarrel

If there were a monument
to silence, it would not be
the tree whose leaves
murmur continuously
among themselves;

nor would it be the pond
whose seeming stillness
is shattered
by the quicksilver
surfacing of fish.

If there were a monument
to silence, it would be you
standing so upright, so unforgiving,
your mute back deflecting
every word I say.

American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (, publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright (c) 2007 by Linda Pastan, whose most recent book of poetry is "Queen of a Rainy Country," W. W. Norton & Co., 2006. Reprinted from "Solo Cafe 2: Oppression & Forgiveness," Vol. 2, Solo Press, 2007, by permission of Linda Pastan. Introduction copyright (c) 2007 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction's author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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New World Class Poetry Pages

This week's newly added page is:

World Class Poetry Updates

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New World Class Poetry Blog Posts

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World Class Poetry Networking

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Call For Submissions!

Send me your original poetry. If it meets my strict standards then I'll publish it in Hyperbole and on the World Class Poetry Blog. Previously published poems are OK as long as you own the copyright. Use the WCP contact form.

Submit your criticism and reviews to Hyperbole. Interviews of published poets welcome. Prose about poetry - send it. Our only bias: High quality.

And when all else fails, write a poem.


Allen Taylor the poet

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