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Hyperbole, Issue #010 (Jan. 17, 2008) - Poetry Search, Do It Better With the Poetry Search Toolbar
January 17, 2008
Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers

My apologies for being 5 hours late. I mistakenly queued this mail out one day late. Please forgive, but ...

I've got great news this week! World Class Poetry has just got better. In two different ways.

First, we now have our own searchable database. You can search the World Class Poetry website or the World Class Poetry Blog from within our website, and you can also search the Web using the same search form. Right now, the form exists in two places - on our blog and on the Petrarchan Sonnet page of the website. Soon it will be on every page!

The second way we've improved is to provide you with your very own World Class Poetry Toolbar - totally free. You can download the toolbar simply by clicking here. Or click the banner below:

toolbar powered by Conduit

Go ahead, do it! I dare you.

Other items of interest in this issue of Hyperbole include:

Table of Contents

  1. World Class Poetry Updates
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. Take The World Class Poetry Survey
  4. New World Class Poetry Blog Posts
  5. World Class Poetry Networking
  6. Call For Submissions!

World Class Poetry Updates

This week's updated pages include:

Yes, it's true. I added Billy the Blogging Poet to my acknowledgments page. He's truly been a big help to me.

New World Class Poetry Pages

This week's newly added page is:

Oh, and did I mention that you can try my toolbar?

Coming Soon:

  • Robert Burns
  • Robert Browning

Take The World Class Poetry Survey

Have you taken the survey yet? What'cha waiting for?

New World Class Poetry Blog Posts

Enjoy these blog posts from this week:

World Class Poetry Networking

toolbar powered by Conduit

Call For Submissions!

Send me your original poetry. If it meets my strict standards then I'll publish it in Hyperbole and on the World Class Poetry Blog. Previously published poems are OK as long as you own the copyright. Use the WCP contact form.

Submit your criticism and reviews to Hyperbole. Interviews of published poets welcome. Prose about poetry - send it. Our only bias: High quality.

And when all else fails, write a poem.


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