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Hyperbole, Issue #009 (Jan. 10, 2008) - Let's Get Critical, Critical (I Want To Hear Mary Oliver)
January 10, 2008
Hello Poetry Lovers

Trust me when I say I've been a busy camper. But I've got a great issue for you. For starters, you'll love this expository analysis of Mary Oliver's "Cold Poem." I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts as well.

In this issue of Hyperbole ...

Table of Contents

  1. World Class Poetry Updates
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. Take The World Class Poetry Survey
  4. World Class Poetry Blog
  5. World Class Poetry Reviews
  6. Become A World Class Contributor
  7. World Class Poetry Networking
  8. Call For Submissions! Brand New Section!

World Class Poetry Updates

This week's updated pages include:

If it seems that I am updating the World Class Poetry Hall of Fame very often, that's because I am. The reason is because last school year I had students from a Catholic high school write poet biographies. I am finally getting around to uploading them to the website.

I had made an agreement with the poetry/literature teacher, Dana Sauers - former Hanover, Pa. poet laureate - to give her students extra credit if they wanted to participate. In return, I'd give them acknowledgment for their work. It worked out beautifully, I'd say.

What are you and your students doing about poetry in 2008?

New World Class Poetry Pages

This week's newly added page is:

Stay tuned. The following new pages will be uploaded soon:

  • Robert Burns
  • Cecil Day Lewis
  • >
  • Robert Browning

Take The World Class Poetry Survey

Have you taken the survey yet? What'cha waiting for?

World Class Poetry Blog

The World Class Poetry Blog is moving up in the world! Google "poetry blogs" and you'll see me on Page 1. And to top the cake with icing, I'm at the top of Page 2 on Yahoo! for the same term. Search for "poetry blog," singular, and you'll find me on Page 1 of MSN Live, above the fold, at the bottom of Page 1 on Yahoo!, and on Page 2 of Google (I keep moving up here). So what does all of this mean? I think it means I'm making a big splash in a fairly big pool. I hope you'll click on the icon at the bottom of this e-zine and tell your friends about me.

A reader comments: Thank you for all you do in the name of Poetry, Allen Taylor!

In the mean time, enjoy these blog posts from this week:

World Class Poetry Reviews

Got a lot of books to review. That's a good thing. Look for more reviews to hit World Class Poetry soon.

Want your book reviewed? Inquire within.

Become A World Class Contributor

Help me polish "Rumsfeld's Sandbox," a collection of poems I wrote while in Iraq in 2005. I'm looking for harsh critics. Use my contact form to let me know you're interested. I'll send you a pre-submission hard copy and all you have to do is tear it to shreds. Tell me everything wrong with it. Hard core slash and burn fanatics only! You'll be the first to see the poems in print - if you qualify!

World Class Poetry Networking

Friend me on Facebook.

Stumble me.

Be sure to share with me and my friends what you are reading this week.

Call For Submissions!

Send me your original poetry. If it meets my strict standards then I'll publish it in Hyperbole and on the World Class Poetry Blog. Previously published poems are OK as long as you own the copyright. Use the WCP contact form.

Submit your criticism and reviews to Hyperbole. Interviews of published poets welcome. Prose about poetry - send it. Our only bias: High quality.


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