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Hyperbole, Issue #008 (Jan. 3, 2008) - Happy New Year From World Class Poetry
January 03, 2008
Hello Fellow Poets And Poetry Lovers

No kidding, I meant to send out an issue last week. I didn't forget either. I was all set to go, but I got so consumed with Christmas activities and working around the festivities and chilling with the family - I just flat out didn't have the time. Sorry. But I'm in the groove now.

This year we've got some great things on the way - for Hyperbole and for World Class Poetry. I'm developing relationships with some awesome people and just having a groovy time doing it.

Deborah Ager is one person who has been tracking me well. She's mentioned me, like, three times on her blog in the last 6 weeks. Paula at PoetHound is another poet blogger who has me on her radar. In fact, she interviewed me on Dec. 29th. Then there's Billy the Blogging Poet, who is adding World Class Poetry and the World Class Poetry Blog to his search engine at Poetsarus.

And now for the first issue of Hyperbole in 2008!

Table of Contents

  1. World Class Poetry Updates
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. Take The World Class Poetry Survey
  4. World Class Poetry Blog
  5. World Class Poetry Reviews
  6. Become A World Class Contributor
  7. World Class Poetry Networking
  8. Call For Submissions! New! New! New Section!

World Class Poetry Updates

This week's updated pages include:

New World Class Poetry Pages

New pages added this week:

Be on the lookout for these World Class Poetry pages, coming soon:

Pablo Neruda
Robert Burns
Cecil Day Lewis
Robert Browning

Take The World Class Poetry Survey

Take the World Class Poetry Survey. Seriously, I want to know what you think. What would you like to see at World Class Poetry?

If you haven't already taken the survey, please share your thoughts.

World Class Poetry Blog

The best poetry blog on the Internet just keeps getting better. Don't believe me? Check out these latest comments from my readers:

"Allen, Thank you for mentioning this. Id not heard about the article yet, and I like Hass."

"Mulholland Drive is a wonderful film, very bizarre and weird. I like irony when used well and this is an interesting post, plenty of food for thought for a writer!"

"Thank you for all you do in the name of Poetry, Allen Taylor!"

Now it's your return. Check out these recent posts at the World Class Poetry Blog:

World Class Poetry Reviews

I got a slough of poetry books from Rattle just before New Year's and I'll be reading through them. You'll be able to read my reviews first at Rattle soon. Then at WCP.

Also, need I remind you? World Class Poetry publishes reviews as well. Get your poetry book or chapbook reviewed online.

Become A World Class Contributor

I'm still looking for critics with chutzpah. I am almost done revising my book of poems, "Rumsfeld's Sandbox," a collection written while serving in Iraq in 2005. If you think you have the moxie, look me up and I'll hook you in. Use my contact form to let me know you're interested. I'll send you a pre-submission hard copy and all you have to do is tear it to shreds. Tell me everything wrong with it. Hard core slash and burn fanatics only! You'll be the first to see the poems in print - if you qualify!

World Class Poetry Networking

Meet me on Facebook.

Stumble me.

Be sure to share with me and my friends what you are reading this week.

Call For Submissions!

World Class Poetry is looking for great poetry. Not your workshop reject poems but your really good poems. Polish to perfection then send it to me. If I like your poem, I'll publish it in Hyperbole and on the World Class Poetry Blog. Previously published poems are OK with me as long as you own the copyright. I'm not trying to discover new talent. I'm just trying to publish good poetry. Use the contact form.

Want to write for Hyperbole? We'll also consider your insights on poetry criticism, poetic topics of interest to beginning and intermediate level poets. Interviews of published poets welcome. Reviews of poetry books, you bet! Prose about poetry - send it. Our only bias: Quality. Make it count.


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