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Hyperbole, Issue #005 -- Maya Angelou Tells 'Why The Caged Bird Sings'
December 06, 2007
Greetings Poets And Poetry Lovers

Here we are again. I've got some great updates this week and more to come.

Table of Contents

  1. World Class Poetry Updates
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. Take The World Class Poetry Survey
  4. World Class Poetry Blog
  5. World Class Poetry Reviews
  6. Add These To Your Christmas List
  7. World Class Poetry Networking

World Class Poetry Updates

This week's updated pages include:

Next week I'll be updating letters M through Z.

New World Class Poetry Pages

I've only added one page this week, but I'm getting on that kick again. Look more pages to come soon. This week's new page:

Take The World Class Poetry Survey

Take the World Class Poetry Survey. Seriously, I want to know what you think. What would you like to see at World Class Poetry?

If you haven't already taken the survey, please share your thoughts.

World Class Poetry Blog

Read the best poetry blog on the Internet. The World Class Poetry Blog brings you daily commentary poetics, poetry forms, published poets you should read, poetry book reviews, and a whole lot more concerning the world of contemporary and classic poetry. Recent blog posts include:

If it seems like there are a few more blog entries than there should be, that's because on Sunday, December 1, I made three entries. I think you'll like. Don't forget to visit the World Class Poetry Blog archives.

World Class Poetry Reviews

Got a book or chapbook you want reviewed? Send me a note. I'll let you know the details. If I like your book or chapbook then I'll review it on my blog and on World Class Poetry's review pages. Get your review before thousands of monthly visitors at no charge.

Add These To Your Christmas List

Got your copy of the 2008 Poet's Market yet?
Want a Kindle? I'm ambivalent.

World Class Poetry Networking

Add me as a friend at one of these networks:

The End

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