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Hyperbole, Issue #004 -- The First Weekly Edition
November 29, 2007
Greetings Poets And Poetry Lovers

Last week I intended to send out more great information about what is going on here at World Class Poetry. Unfortunately, I ran into a little SNAFU.

Still a little bit unfamiliar with the e-mail system I am using, I got started on the e-zine a little early and tried to save it. The SiteSell system, however, doesn't allow me to save and go back later for editing. I have to either send the e-mail right then or program the settings to send at a later date and time. I chose the latter.

Well, I decided to see what would happen if I tried to edit an issue of the e-zine that has already been scheduled for mailing, so the night before publication I logged in and commenced to adding some content to the e-zine. It didn't take. I was "locked in." That's when I decided it was time to go ahead and start sending Hyperbole out weekly. And that's why you are getting this issue of the e-zine today instead of three weeks from now. You are one of the first recipients of the first weekly issue of Hyperbole. Congratulations!

You're going to love this issue of Hyperbole. I've got some more great updates and promotions that you are just going to fall in love with. Don't believe me? Check out the table of contents:

Table of Contents

  1. World Class Poetry Updates
  2. New World Class Poetry Pages
  3. Everyone Loves A Survey
  4. World Class Poetry Blog
  5. World Class Poetry Reviews
  6. Books WCP Recommends
  7. World Class Poetry Networking

World Class Poetry Updates

Every now and then I take a notion to update a particular web page or section of the World Class Poetry website. Here are a few changes I've made since the last update:

Tattoo girlThe Hyperbole subscription page. OK, so you're already a subscriber. I'm including this update because new subscribers to the World Class Poetry e-zine get a free .pdf copy of my poem "Tattoo," enhanced by a stunning photograph of the model piper.secrets by Demerest Shadou. If you didn't get a copy of the .pdf broadside, subscribe to Hyperbole today.

We've also updated the Petrarchan Sonnet web page, which is the most popular web page on the World Class Poetry website. Come see why.

New World Class Poetry Pages

Some weeks we add more pages than others. This week we've had an opportunity to add just two pages. But I think you'll love the pages we've added. Just look at this:

Only two publications are listed right now, but we are taking applications. Soon we will have this section of the World Class Poetry website populated with great poetry journals and publications just waiting to take your submissions. Come back often and check it out.

Everyone Loves A Survey

Take the World Class Poetry Survey. Seriously, I want to know what you think. What would you like to see at World Class Poetry?

If you haven't already taken the survey, please share your thoughts.

World Class Poetry Blog

Read the best poetry blog on the Internet. The World Class Poetry Blog brings you daily insights into the world of poetry, poetic forms, published poets you should read, and a whole lot more. Look at these recent blog posts:

Oh, and don't forget to visit the World Class Poetry Blog archives.

World Class Poetry Reviews

Got a book or chapbook you want reviewed? Let me know. Send me a note to my contact form and I'll let you know all the details. If I like your book or chapbook then I'll review it on my blog and on World Class Poetry's review pages. Pass the word along to your friends. In fact, just pass along this e-zine.

Books WCP Recommends

World Class Poetry Networking

Do you network? If so, add me to your friends. I am a member at several networking and bookmarking sites and I'd be delighted to add you to my friends list. Add me to yours. My profiles are listed below:

And I've recently added a profile at GoodReads. I go by Allen Taylor (imagine that) there too. So pick a networking site, or two, and add me to your friends list.

The End

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